PLACEMENT NEWS: Laurel Prevetti selected to serve as Los Gatos Town Manager


After a four-month, nationwide search, we are happy to announce that the Town of Los Gatos chose to promote Laurel Prevetti to Town Manager. She was previously the Town’s Assistant Town Manager and Community Development Director.

Mayor Marcia Jensen said in a new release, “Laurel stood out from among the candidates for her land use and management expertise as well as her familiarity with town issuesthe council is confident that Ms. Prevetti will bring a new perspective to the town manager position which will emphasize transparency and engagement with the community.

Teri Black, CEO of Teri Black & Company, LLC, the executive search firm specializing in local government placements that facilitated the search added, “We were thrilled to place Laurel in her first City Manager role.  She is extraordinarily dedicated and hardworking, and her land use expertise brought incomparable value for this treasured community. Los Gatos will now benefit from her leadership in a different capacity as she continues to expand her high highly regarded contributions.”

Laurel began her new role on September 2nd. Upon accepting her appointment, Laurel indicated that transparency is important because it encourages people to be involved. “It means people care,” she said. “We need to know what people want so we’re moving in the right direction. We’re really looking to be more transparent so people can participate as much as possible.”

Laurel received her Bachelor and Master’s degrees from the University of California at Berkeley.

Laurel’s photo by George Stakkestad