Lenka Wright, CCO - City of Mountain View

The City of Mountain View (Calif.) has hired Lenka Wright as its first Chief Communications Officer, highlighting the City Council and City Manager’s commitment to both internal and external communications and to community engagement in this San Francisco Bay Peninsula city in the diverse heart of Silicon Valley.

We are proud to have managed the recruitment that resulted in this synergistic match between a forward-thinking city and a communications pro with applicable education and a depth of experience that set her apart from the other candidates.

Read the City of Mountain View media release here.

Communications professionals are more and more in demand in local government agencies, as residents and stakeholders, marinated in social media and a 24/7 news cycle, demand transparency, clarity and speedy response in both emergency and everyday interactions.

“As people continue to communicate and engage in new ways in this digital world, I look forward to advancing communications while leveraging technology to build stronger connections with our diverse community,” Wright said in a city media release.