PLACEMENT SPOTLIGHT: Brian Dolan selected as Pleasanton’s Assistant City Manager

Brian Dolan, City Of Pleasanton, Assistant City Manager

We are delighted that Brian Dolan, Pleasanton’s Community Development Director, has been promoted to Assistant City Manager. He will replace retiring Assistant City Manager, Steve Bocian, on March 30, 2015.

“Brian distinguished himself throughout the [recruitment] process by demonstrating a complete and thorough understanding of the community’s vision and values, and a track record of stakeholder collaboration and achievement in the City of Pleasanton,” said Nelson Fialho, City Manager.

Brian brings with him over 29 years of public and private sector experience, which includes nine years of Director level experience, six of which are with the City of Pleasanton. During his time with the City, Brian led every major land-use planning effort in the City, including the completion of the City’s General Plan Update, certified Housing Element Updates, growth management policies and Hacienda Development Guidelines, along with facilitating major residential and commercial developments in the City.

“Brian’s proven success in five municipalities, combined with his private sector experience make him a great selection given the City’s priorities,” said Teri Black, President & CEO of Teri Black & Company, LLC, an executive recruiting firm specializing in local government placements.

Brian graduated from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with a Master’s degree in Regional Planning, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Landscape Architecture from University of California, Berkeley.

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