STELLAR TALENT: Teresia Zadroga-Haase, recent HR Director placement with the City of Manhattan Beach, sets tone for teamwork and service

In a recent article published in the Beach Reporter, the community of Manhattan Beach gained rare insight into the function of their new Human Resources Director, a role that is normally very behind-the-scenes. In that piece, Teresia explained her three goals in every interaction between the city government and the public: “service, efficiency and safety.”

I (want) to improve customer service,” she said. “What can we streamline? How can we communicate better? How can we automate? … (How can we) promote a healthier and safer work environment?

Teresia says, “she’s thrilled to be part of the executive team…they are a really good team, really passionate people that care about this community and the work that they’re doing. It’s so fulfilling to be in an environment where that’s the mood.”

To read the full article, click here

TB&Co. was trusted to handle the recruitment of Teresia in 2015. The firm is currently managing searches for the City’s Director of Information Technology and Economic Vitality Manager.

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