POWERFUL RESULTS: Pasadena Fire Department recently awarded Class 1 ISO Public Protection Classification rating


POWERFUL RESULTS: Pasadena Fire Department…are you kidding…this almost NEVER happens!?! The Pasadena Fire Department was recently awarded a Class 1 ISO Public Protection Classification rating. The Class 1 rating is the highest possible score that can be given to a fire department and there are only 16 departments in California who have achieved such status and just 132 nationally.

This is a big darn deal on its own, but it gets even better because in August of this year, PFD joined an elite cadre of fire organizations in earning Accredited Agency status. So now this incredible department holds the very rare honor of being both a Class 1 and Accredited department – a distinction shared by only three other departments in the state. Way to go PFD!!

TB&Co. had the honor of placing Fire Chief Bertral Washington in 2014 and managing the 2015 recruitment for two Deputy Fire Chiefs resulting in the appointments of Eugene Campbell, Jr. and Jon Trautwein.

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