San Mateo appoints Alex Khojikian to be City Manager

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Just when we thought our June joy meter couldn’t read any higher, this happens! The San Mateo City Council has appointed current Redwood City Assistant City Manager Alex Khojikian to be their next City Manager. We are bursting at the seams with pride and excitement!!  🥳

Why is this one so special? This will be the second time the firm has placed Alex. Way, way back in 2016, TB&Co. had the good fortune of placing Alex in Redwood City as Melissa Stevenson Diaz’s Deputy City Manager. In response to San Mateo’s selection, Teri Black stated, “I’m delighted that the City Council was so pleased with our diverse candidate pool and thrilled about their selection of Alex. It’s been an honor watching him grow under Melissa’s mentorship and I’m confident good things are in store for the San Mateo team and community under his leadership.”  🌟

It’s never easy taking from one client to fulfill the dreams of another, but when awesome talent is ready to grow, it’s a privilege to help them spread their wings for the right opportunity. 🙏🏼

Big shout out to the San Mateo City Council for their commitment to work collaboratively towards their goal of attracting incredible candidates and, ultimately, making the best selection for the organization and community. 🏆

Also, extra special thanks to the San Mateo HR team of Director Teresa Abrahamsohn and Lourdes Coles for their expert work in managing this VIR (very important recruitment). And much appreciation to City Attorney Prasanna Rasiah and current City Manager Drew Corbett for their sound guidance along the way.

It takes a village to pull these projects off in a seamless way and TB&Co. could not have asked for a better partnership!! 💜

Lastly, major kudos to Suzanne Mason who co-led this search with Teri. Suzanne is a powerhouse in the industry and we are so grateful for her passion for public service and commitment to excellence – two of our core values that help TB&Co. be the very best!! 🥇

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