POWERFUL RESULTS: Redwood City launches stunning new website


Have you checked out Redwood City’s new website?  Launched in September, it has one of the most captivating and electric looks out there and does a phenomenal job of showcasing the City’s status as the cultural and entertainment hub of the San Francisco Peninsula and the start-up tech center of the Silicon Valley.  See www.redwoodcity.org for a full preview.

The City website ranked number 2 in a recent city satisfaction survey where residents weighed in on how they’d prefer to receive information,” said Aaron Aknin, then interim city manager. “The website continues to be a powerful tool for Redwood City’s brand, and it helps achieve the City’s priority of creating a virtual city hall where the public can pay a bill online, apply for permits, and gain easy access to other City services. The new site has been designed with the public’s priorities in mind, and we’re pleased that so many essential documents and sources of information are now mere clicks away from the homepage.”  

TB&Co. recently handled the recruitment of Melissa Stevenson Diaz to serve as RWC’s new City Manager and is currently leading the nationwide search for the City’s next Fire Chief.

Why be Redwood City’s Next City Manager? Top 10 Reasons

City of Redwood City, California

Right now we have the privilege of representing the City of Redwood City in the search for its next City Manager. The current Manager, Bob Bell, has been generous enough to share his thoughts about his tenure and what a profound affect this special community has had on him both professionally as well as personally. You can find his Reflections here: http://bit.ly/1JSoG5T

Obviously, we are totally biased, but we think it’s important for you to know the Top 10 Reasons we think you should want to be the next CM in Redwood City:

  1. RWC maintains rare community connections that are meaningful & make a difference.
  2. A great local culture with incomparable energy and buzz.
  3. A constant celebration of the City’s incredible diversity.
  4. A vibrant downtown area with world-class entertainment and dining.
  5. Thriving local art community, including regular art exhibits at City Hall.
  6. An increasingly popular location for high tech, plus Stanford is expanding here!
  7. An outgoing City Manager who really loves his job!  Really.
  8. A competitive compensation package.
  9. A City Council and community that value the importance of the City Manager role.
  10. Last but not least, one of the best executive teams in the business. Seriously.

There are many more reasons to want to serve in this dynamic and diverse city. Consider these Top 10 as an easy place to start. 424.296.3111 for more info.