Antioch Bayon Moore resized

Congratulations to Rosanna Bayon Moore, who was selected as the Assistant City Manager for the City of Antioch (Calif)! For the past nine years, Bayon Moore has been City Manager for the City of Brawley, in Imperial County, and will begin her new position in late September.

TB&Co. is proud to have managed the recruitment that resulted in this outstanding match.

In a media release, Antioch City Manager Ron Bernal said, “I am thrilled to have Rosanna join our team. She will provide essential leadership and support to the City in moving community projects and the City Council’s priorities across the finish line. She is a seasoned local government professional and will be a great addition to our leadership team and the community. Her proven track record as a City Manager in getting things done and delivering on challenging projects with limited resources makes her a great match for the City of Antioch.”

That track record at Brawley includes a new fire station, an Emergency Operations Center, a new wastewater treatment plant and many facility and transportation improvements, all while the City was experiencing significant financial challenges and expanding its housing stock.

The education that supported Bayon Moore’s career includes a master’s degree in public administration and, at the beginning of her career, the Coro Fellows Program.

So get ready, Antioch! Not only are you getting a seasoned, successful assistant city manager, but also her family, which includes a resource teacher, a high school sophomore and a college freshman.

Read Ron Bernal’s monthly update to the community, which includes a welcome to Rosanna Bayon Moore.