San Leandro AFD Karen Chang

The City of San Leandro (Calif) and Finance Director Susan Hsieh happily announced last week that Karen Chang, currently with the City of Pleasanton, will join the San Leandro team as assistant finance director (AFD)!

We are proud to have managed the recruitment process, and to have brought together a great candidate and an opportunity to do wonderful things for the City’s residents and staff. An outstanding AFD is much more than an accountant: “Impeccable financial skills” goes without saying. It is the skills in customer service, streamlining and managing processes, mentoring, leading, communication, transparency, technology and more that set the professionals apart, and Karen Chang has the goods.

Prior to her work in Pleasanton, Chang worked for the City of Pittsburg (Calif) for eight years. She also spent 13 years in the private sector. She has her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from San Francisco State University.

Her start date in San Leandro wasn’t set as of today, but she’ll be settled in her new office before Thanksgiving. Congratulations to both the City and Karen Chang!